Find Me a Cake

27 November, 2014

Music Cake

A music cake that was so much fun making it, while listening to great tracks. The best of both worlds!

My client emailed me a pic of a cake looking like this one. Immediately I knew this is Michael Jackson party. Very excited I started the planning.

The music notes took sooooo much time, as again, I do not have molds, that day I wished I had as I got soooo frustrated to get it perfect.

The first step is to download notes from the internet. Draw them on paper/wax paper and cut them out. You then need to make sure your fondant is not too hard or too soft as it plays a very big part. If it is too soft, it will stretch/distort your image. If it is to hard, it tends to make rough edges.

The notes around the Music Cake was difficult as I had no plan. I had to improvise as I went along. Was not perfect for my eyes, but the client thought it looked great.

The same applies for the flat figurine on the top which turn out to be a nightmare when the client collected. As we load it in her car, I by mistake bumped it and the hand broke off. What a disaster, I tries to fix the Music Cake quickly but did not succeed.

Lucky for me, the party was only the next day and I could make a brand new one. It cost me more fondant, tylose powder to make it harder quicker and the fridge, but all was perfect and ready for the party.

Now, I always make two of an item that I think can possible break!

01 November, 2014

16th Birthday Cake Topsy Turvy

Yes, another 16th Birthday Cake, but this one was beyond fun to make.

I could do with this one just what I like as long as it was a Topsy Turvy Cake.

I used bold colors that I love with spirals, strings, balls and flowers that was all hand made.

I am beyond satisfies with this one and can really say that it was beautiful!

The strings were wrapped around a kebab stick and dried to give that effect.
The flowers was done one section at a time in a small pudding bowl with lots of cotton between the petals to give that effect.

Flowers will soon be up for sale/order early in 2015.