Find Me a Cake

14 June, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Cakes

Mickey and Minnie cakes are not just fun to make, but easier than you think.

All you need to do is to find a black and white image on the internet. Print the desired size as per your cake. Make sure you print more than one copy as you need to use the one for the background and one for the front of the face that you will need to cut out. Every detail separate.

The best is to print and then redraw it on wax/baking paper so that you can use it the next time.Mickey and Minnie cakes are popular and will never go out of fashion.

Use the background image to carve your cake first and then use it again after you rolled out your black fondant! The same applies for the rest.

Lettering was done with cookie cutters - I honestly dislike using them and prefer my Cricut Cake Machine, but sometimes the space is just limited and they will have to do!

06 June, 2014

Frozen Cake

The world is crazy at the moment. All the girls just want a Frozen Party with everything Frozen!

I have to admit, making Olaf and the rest of the cake was so much fun. I had to make use of my own templates that I've create for the covering part, but the rest are all hand made with love.

Snowflakes are obviously cutters.

Nice Frozen Cake, happy girly.

Safari Cake

Ohhhh, I love this cake so much that it was difficult to let go.

When my client asked for a Safari Cake, I could hardly contain myself. If I had freedom to create, I would've added lots and lots more animals, but I understand that budget plays a big role for my client too and I can't just make everything for free, which I sometimes do!

Everything on this cake is hand crafted fondant, except for the lettering that was done by my beloved Cricut Machine. I should've covered the cake board with stripes or something, it would've made the Safari Cake more appealing, but that is a whole lot of fondant that gets wasted.

Spiderman Cake

There is no words to describe how I feel about kids cakes. They are so much more fun to make than the normal Adult Cake.

This Spiderman cake was a time killer but so exciting to make.  The face of Spiderman was done after printing a template of the internet. Same applies to the letters. It took ages to make them perfect!

The other time consuming item was the buildings around the cake. Thinking back now, I could've used my Cricut Cake for them too!

I'm soon going to release a product on my page with a whole set of Spiderman Items that can be used for Cake Decorating. Coming early 2015.