Find Me a Cake

31 October, 2013

Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear cake for a boy! Lovely choc inside!

05 October, 2013

Winnie The Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh is another character that will remain with us forever! Love making these figurines!

Thomas The Train Cake

This Thomas The Train Cake was huge. It took hours to complete this cake! Making the figurines, water etc was time consuming but fun. The cake filling was Ganache which I particular do not prefer. Especially with fondant cakes, it makes it very difficult to crumb coat etc but it was done!

Lion King Cake

Who do not love the Lion King. This cake was fun to make and I really enjoy making the figurines!

Spongebob Cake 3

Spongebob will always be with us. This little character is so bright and there are so much available for parties in this character, so there is no doubt that I will make lots of Spongebob Cakes in the future.