Find Me a Cake

28 September, 2013

Handbag Cake

I've waited long to make this cake. Lots of fun but extremely hard work!

Tank Cake

Little boys just love anything to do with the army. Ahhh, they are so adorable as they naturally just want
to protect.

to protect!

Lightning McQueen Cake

Can Lightning McQueen ever go out ofmfashion. As long as they make the movies, I will make the cake!

Little Pets Cake

Are these little things adorable?

Sophia the Princess Cake

What are little girls made of? Everything beautiful and nice!

Dora Cakes

Dora is still loved by all girls! Have to say that she is one of the characters that I struggle with, but with practise she will eventually morph to the exact way she looks on the telly!

06 September, 2013

Mickey and Gang Cake

Mickey Mouse will never, ever go out of fashion. I love making them, they are so colourful!

Princess Cake

I love pink and purple, especially when it is for a liitle girl cake! Girls rule!

Lego Cake

I just love Lego! It is something that I just cant say no to when my kids want them. Now, they can also eat them!

03 September, 2013