Find Me a Cake

27 April, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Cake

How wonderfull to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary with your kids and family all over again.
Life is defnitely about building memories like this! Enjoy and love every moment!

26 April, 2013

Tinkerbell Picture Cake

Tinkerbell will never go out of fashion! Even adults love this beautifull character!

Happy Birthday Naledi, hope you love your cake!

24 April, 2013

Ferrari Logo Cake

Normally 4 year olds want flashy car cakes, but this little boy just love it plain and simple. Who am I to say he should like something else!

Happy birthday Rahil. Hope you one day get your dream car!

21 April, 2013

Crocodile Cake

My kids love Super Hero Cakes, but when they saw this cake, they both wanted it for their birthday. What makes this cake even more special is what is inside. It is a rainbow cake. So very colorful and tasty!

Happy birthday Chelsea, hope you loved the cake mommy organised for you!

19 April, 2013

Smurf Cake

Dear Smurfs, I have to say that making your little home took hours. Alot of love and patience went into your house, so you better enjoy it!

Gelukkige verjaarsdag Andries!

Smurf Cupcakes

Smurfs are still in!!! They are so gorgeous!

Lettie and Lollos 2

Lettie and Lollos are a very famous character in South Africa, especially in the Afrikaans speaking groups.

Veels geluk Jane, hoop jy hou baie van jou koek!

Workholic Cake

What can I say. This cake was so much fun, I wish I knew my client a bit more as I wanted to add so much more. It is really fun making little goodies.

Sergio, I hope you love the cake Sonja organised for you!

12 April, 2013