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30 March, 2013

Bear Christening Cake

Congrats Kefentse on your Christening,may God bless you in your years to come!

Hulk Cake

Hulk in all his glory! It was the first time I've attempted Hulk? So much fun!!!

Happy birthday Noah!

28 March, 2013

Princess Castle Cake

Happy birthday Pokie, hope you felt just like a princess on your birthday!

25 March, 2013

Airplane Cake

Happy Birthday Sebastiaan!

Hope you enjoyed your airplane cake!

Airplane Cake

18 March, 2013

Lollos & Lettie Cake

Finally a Lollos  & Lettie cake I like. You can search the internet for many cake images and only a few are available. Well it is South African and not a world wide phenomenon like Barney! Not yet!

Happy  th birthday Kayleigh and Bernice. Hope you enjoy your cake!
Lollos and Lettie Cake

Side view - Lollos and Lettie Cake

Side view - Lollos and Lettie Cake

17 March, 2013

DJ Pioneer Machine Cake

I had no idea what this machine was until I did some research after receiving the order. It is a piece of technology used in Clubs to mix music etc.

Happy Birthday Tumelo (DJ KKNEE)! I'm sure you loved it!

PS: Tumelo can be contacted at

Lollos Cupcakes

I never knew who 'Lollos" was, mainly because my kids are English speaking and only watch DSTV's kids overseas channels.

Lollos is very similar to Barney, biggest difference are the wings and ears and that they are South African.

These are only cupcakes with the head, so be on the lookout for the cake coming soon!

Lollos and Lettie Cupcakes

08 March, 2013

Tips for ordering a Cake

I have received so many calls with regards to the costing of my Cakes.

The most common question asked: What is the price of your cakes? This is such a difficult question, as I will first need to ask a whole lot of questions myself!

When ordering a cake you need to know the following before placing or phoning for an order:

1. The Theme of the cake

Children's Cake like a Barney or Barbie or a 50th Birthday. It can also be logo cakes for corporate companies, or just a cake for the fun of it. 

2.How many portions.

This is important to know, especially if you have a budget to work with. 2 Tier cakes are more expensive than just 1 layer. You can also choose to rather have cupcakes!

3. What type of cake - chocolate, vanilla?

Believe it or not, but chocolate is so expensive because of the cocoa in it. It also uses more baking powder (well my recipe) and sugar.


Do you have a picture of a cake that you would like to use as an idea - If not you can find a few pictures on this blog or search at the bottom of my blog for something you like. You can forward that pic to me and I will quote accordingly.

Hope this helps a bit!

Jake - Neverland Pirates

Jake - Neverland Pirates Cake. I've tried a few new things with this cake and my waves came out beautifully! Pictures can never show you what the cake really looks like "all around" 360degrees!

It is amazing what you can create when you put your mind to it!

Happy Birthday Calvin!

Jake - Neverland Pirates

01 March, 2013

Barney and BJ Cupcakes

Cute and tasty!

Barney and BJ Cupcakes

Barney and Friends Cake

Making a Barney and Friends Cake was: FUN! I had to make the figurines long in advance, to make sure they are all hard and dry before I put them on the cake.

Such a cute cake! Happy birthday Jane', hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Barney and Friends Cake