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23 February, 2013

Lightning McQueen Car Cake 2

Lightning McQueen will probably never go out of fashion. There are a few themes that will stay with us for eternity. Spiderman, Batman and Cars are only a few boy themes I can think of. No matter what, they will stay cute and is really fun to make.

Happy 1st birthday Louhan!

Lightning McQueen Car Cake

Mickey Mouse Gang Cake

As promised. Here is the Mickey Mouse Cake! I loved making these little fondant figurines.

Happy 2nd birthday Kyle and Kayla - I pray that you are blessed with many more!

Mickey Mouse Gang Cake

21 February, 2013

Mickey Mouse Cake Figurines

The Mickey Mouse Gang are one of the cartoon characters I can remember when I was a child. They never go out of fashion.

I've made these fondant figurines for an upcoming cake! Watch this space and see what I was up to!

Daffy Duck Figurine

Donald Duck Figurine

Mickey Mouse Figurine

Minnie Mouse Figurine

Pluto Figurine

17 February, 2013

How to make a Boat Cake

I'm not a great fan of Videos, but will probably do them in the future as that is technology and I do not want to be left behind.

So, for starters, let me show you what I did with my first Boat Cake!

16 February, 2013

Christening Cake

A special Christening Cake for a gorgeous little boy! 

Congrats little Rynhardt with your Christening! May God bless you and guide every step you take!

Christening Cake

Lightning McQueen and Mater Cupcakes

Happy Birthday little Nathan!

Special made cupcakes for a very special boy! Hope your birthday was wonderful and may God bless you with many more!

Lightning McQueen and Mater Cupacakes

Baby Cupcakes

Making these gorgeous baby cupcakes was so much fun. I decided not to make any traditional shaped cupcakes, but to use other "not cupcakes pan" I did not use normal paper cups but covered them with fondant and used coasters as the base. So adorable!

Flower and Butterfly Cupcakes

Flower and Butterfly cupcakes are plain, but still beautiful enough for a quick tea with your friends.

Flower and Butterfly Cupcakes

05 February, 2013

Lion King Cake

Who does not love the Lion King! Such a wonderful story. I just love making cakes like this. It is fun and colorful! Lots of work, but worth every second spend on it!

Lion King Cake

Lion King Cake

Army hat and grenade cake

I usually use cereal treat when I have to cover certain details on cakes, but I honestly have to say that I do not like cereal treat that much. Finally, I've found something that is a 100% better than cereal treat and even taste great! Now, I have two secrets " My cake recipe and sculpting ingredients" That is why my cakes taste great!

This army hat was made with that special ingredient!

Army and Grenade Cake