Find Me a Cake

27 January, 2013

Farm Animal Cakes

All preschoolers just love Farm Animals, it is always a hit at every party because you can make sure that there is enough figurines for every friend to take home.

Princess Cake

I just love these little Princesses. They are so cute!

Normally, I would make the castle out of Cereal Treat, but this on was done with cake.

Princess Cake

26 January, 2013

Valentines Day Special

Yes, this is madness! For only R250 you can order your better half a lovely Valentines Cake!

What does it look like, well any way you like it, as long as it is a single layer with one figurine or a few roses on them!

You can even order cup cakes with little hearts on them and the heart cupcake wrapper?

How do you qualify:

1) Like this page
2) Like the Face Book page (

and place your order! As easy as that!

Tea Pot Cake

I just love the movie "Alice in Wonderland" mostly because you can make so many different cakes that will fit this theme.

I think this Tea Pot fits it perfectly!

18 January, 2013

Cupcake & Cupcake Wrapper Special

Special for one month only 

Starting today (19 January 2013 - 19 February 2013)!

Order your minimum order of 12 cupcakes and get you cupcake Wrapper of your choice for free.

Visit the link below and look at all your choices. You choose the style and the color!

Hello Kitty "face" Cake

I just love making Hello Kitty Cakes. They are always so pretty and girly!

Happy birthday Carrera - Zelle!

12 January, 2013


Creating awesome figurines are probably  my reason for making cakes. I feel that a tasty cake must definitely also be candy to the eye, therefore my figurines are hand-made (I do not use moulds). I also use Fondant which is totally edible and taste great. 

Detail to figurines are so important!

Handmake Fondant Figurines

11 January, 2013

Cupcake Wrappers (the last but not least)

Little Circles Cupcake Wrappers

Diamonds Cupcake Wrapper

Champs Cupcake Wrapper

Flowers and Twirls Cupcake Wrapper

Big Flower Cupcake Wrapper

Flower Cupcake Wrapper

It'sYour Day Cupcake Wrapper

Girl Cupcake Wrapper

Shine Cupcake Wrapper

Cupcake Wapper still continues...

Thought that it was it! Nope...

Birthday Cupcake Wrapper
Baby Clothes Cupcake Wrapper
Hearts with Wings Cupcake Wrapper

Boy Cupcake Wrapper

Flower and Leaves Cupcake Wrapper

Fleur Pattern Cupcake Wapper
Flower Cupcake Wrapper

Hearts Cupcake Wrapper

Xmas Leaves Cupcake Wrapper
Hugs and Kisses Cupcake Wrapper

Cupcake Wrapper Frenzy continue...

I love to create these little items. They are so gorgeous and the possibilities that comes to mind is just mind blowing...

Dots Cupcake Wrapper

Hearts and Swirls Cupcake Wrapper
Flaming Car Cupcake Wrapper
Intricate Leaves Cupcake Wrapper
Stars and Rainbow
Party Time Cupcake Wrapper
Stars Cupcake Wrapper
Witch Cupcake Wrapper

Cupcake Wrappers continue...

Just when I thought that I've reached the limits with my new invention, I surprise myself.

Butterflies and Swirls Cupcake Wrapper
Birds and Swirls Cupcake Wrapper
Congrats Cupcake Wrapper
Stars and Circles Cupcake Wrapper
Curves Cupcake Wrapper
Gifts Cupcake Wrapper
Stars Cupcake Wrapper
Grateful Cupcake Wrapper
Plain Cupcake Wrapper

Baby Cupcake Wrapper
Swirls and Twirls Cupcake Wrapper

Cup Cake Wrappers

I've been searching for a long time for cupcake wrappers that are different and that can be changed according to my taste and my clients specifications. Obviously, this can be done, but you will need to pay a fortune for it.

I am happy to say that I've found a solution that are very cost effective and that can be changed to any color. It can also be mixed and matched creating specific backgrounds. All you need to do is choose a color that will suit you and if you do not want the cupcake to shine through, I can create the back piece to showcase two colors instead of one. The possibilities are endless!


Waves and Fish Cupcake Wrapper can be used with little fondant fish and shells, made from fondant on top of the cupcake.

Butterflies and Flower Cupcake Wrapper
Fish and Waves Cupcake Wrapper
Fleur Cupcake Wrapper
Leaves Cupcake Wrapper
Grass Cupcake Wrapper
Patterned Flower Cupcake Wrapper
Love You Cupcake Wrapper
Ribbon Cupcake Wrapper
Footprints Cupcake Wrapper
Snowflake Cupcake Wrapper
Super Hero Cupcake Wrapper
Stars and Ribbon Cupcake Wrapper
Remember, I can make them in any color or paper you choose!