Find Me a Cake

10 October, 2012

Horse Cake

Me to You Bear Cake

Me to You Bear Cake was made with different products:

Head, Legs and Arms - Cereal Treat. You might wonder what cereal treat is. It is a mixture of Butter, Marshmallows and Rice Krispies

The rest of the bear is cake covered with fondant (plastic icing)

A huge and loveable cake. Can be made in any colour of your choice!

Motorbike Cake

Again, freedom to create...

Client wanted a motorbike, but not a picture! Thought it came out nicely!

Cowboys Cake

I just love it when my client gives me the freedom to create what I want.

She just told me that the theme is Cowboy/Country and this is what I came up with.

Three layers (6 cakes). Accessories all made of plastic icing!

Winnie the Pooh Cakes

Winnie the Pooh is another Novelty Cake that is made over and over! I love Winnie the Pooh and friends, they are colorful and fun to make.

I like to make them in advance, then I know it is just a little bit of work and it's all done.

Tree Cake

The tree cake was fun to make.

It also had little holes in the tree where little bunnies was hiding. The rest was just leaves.

Tinkerbell Cake

Tangled Picture Cake

Like I've said before - Edible Printing Sheets needs to be decorated with fondant accessories, without it, it will look so plain.

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

I lovvvvveeeee making Spongebob Squarepants. clients adore him!

Spiderman Cake

Did you know there are different versions of Spiderman! If not, ask any boy as young as 2 and they will tell you exactly what it is.

So, if you try to attempt an order for a Spiderman cake, make sure you are making the right version. You do not want a child saying - but that is not Spiderman!

Snow White Cake

Beautiful Snow White!

Smurfs Cake

Smurfs was always one of the most difficult figurines for me, but after making a few, they do tend to become easier. So do not be discouraged if you first Smurf is not looking like a real Smurf. Patience do pay off.

Blue Bulls Cake

I am a big Blue Bull Supporter (South African Rugby Team).

We've (team and supporters) been made jokes off because of our pink shirts (sponsor obviously was vanish), but now a client wanted me to make a blue bull cake but with lime green covering. It was almost too much for me - at least the blue bull was still blue.

Again - not my choice of color!

Pool Table

My husband helped me with this cake. He actually did the pool table accessories. I thought he was great at it.

Paintball Cake

I had no idea what to do when I received a call from one of my regular customers.

She wanted a paintball cake for her husband, but she had no pictures. After chatting to my husband (my muse) I came up with this cake...

Dots and Butterflies Cake

Dots and Butterflies are always in, especially with 1 year old birthdays. I would've loved to add lots of butterflies, but again, your customer is king.

Marvel Heros Cake

"Totally Awesome Mom" The words of a boy who loves super hero's. I was so delighted in this cake. Also did not want to let this one go!

Baby Shower Cake

Wow, one of the most fun cakes ever. Totally different.

I'm used to making figurines, but this one is flat on the side, standing next to the cake. It was so cool. All the little things that was added to this cake made it so special.

I have to admit that pictures/photo's can never capture the real thing. This was awesome! Did not want the client to take it away!

Hello Kitty Returns

Then....there are the novelty cake orders that never change. Hello Kitty is one of those!

When the phone rings, you hope it is not another Hello Kitty, Spiderman or Smurf cake. They sometimes change, it depends what is in and what is out at that moment. With all this said: It is still fun to you can experience with different mediums.

If I use edible printing sheets, I don't just stick it on the cake, but also add some flare to it, just to make it a little bit more interesting. Icing sheets and Fondant goes great together.

Fairy Cake

I wish I had the choice to change the colors of this cake, but clients are kings!

Baptism Cake

I have to admit, I love making birthday cakes, maybe because they are fun and colorful, but this Baptism Cake was different. The babies on the cake was so much fun to make.

Ben 10 Cake

Plain but colorful Ben 10 Cakes.

The one made with a Ben 10 figurine and the other with rice paper.

Bee Cake

I could hardly wait to decorate this cake!

I had to make the name, wings, leaves and flowers well in advance. I also had to make my own cake board as the bee could not fit on a normal board. I usually cover the cake boards, but sometimes it is just not possible.

If you attempt a cake like this, make sure you do not put your wings too deep into the cake as the moisture of the cake can soften the fondant and the weight of the wing will break off from the tip n the cake.

Asterix and Obelix Cake

Creating Asterix and Obelix was not just a fun cake!

It took me back to my childhood of comic books and short stories. I never thought that I would ever get a client requesting a character cake like this. If you think that this cake was for a child, then think again!

My clients husband is a Asterix/Obelix fan. No wonder the saying: "Boys and their Toys"

The figurines had to be made well in advance as Obelix is huge! The rest was easy 1.2.3....