Find Me a Cake

10 July, 2012

Jack Daniels Cake

A very fun cake to make. My client wanted the name Jack changed and the number 7 to 30. All was done successfully. What a cool cake to make!

Open Bible Cake

There is just no way that the picture can represent what this cake looked like in real life. It was huge and gorgeous. Fun cake to make. Obviously hubby was the carver!

Alice In Wonderland

I have to admit that my idea of what the cake will look like afterwards, was a little bit different. I wanted to have it covered completely with Fondant for the smooth look, but I end up covering it with butter cream icing. I had to ask Hubby to carve the cake in that shape as my carving skills are not that great.

More Roses

In my previous post I meant it when I said I love making roses!

Roses Galore

I just love........making these cakes. It is very time consuming making the roses, but it is worth all the work.