Find Me a Cake

30 January, 2012

Dora the Explorer

Dora and her gang was made with edible paper, vanilla butter cream and fondant accessories.

Barbie Cake

Barbie - Pink and Beautiful. This vanilla cake created a sheer delight with my daughter. She only wanted to know why she can't have the cake.

17 January, 2012

Little Einsteins

What a fun cake to make! It is true, the more you bake and decorate, the better and faster you become. Normally a cake like this will take me a day (at least), but it was only about 4 hours.

Figurines are probably the most difficult part of cake decorating for me. To get it just right is very challenging, but sometimes you just have to do it again, and again, and again.

08 January, 2012

Fishing Boat Cake

Here where I'm sitting, I'm in awe! I honestly believe that I can't just make these cakes. God is awesome and I thank him for the creativity he has given me. Funny how this Fishing Boat Cake reminds me of what God said in his word. "Go out and make fishers of men"

I believe more and more that, this is our purpose here on earth. No matter what you do, give God praise and let His light shine through you so people can follow him too!

Anyways. This cake was really not difficult. Hubby helped me a bit today. I loved every second of it.

Today I remembered to take lots of photo's on how to make the cake. From the start to the end. Will collate everything and put it up very soon.