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29 December, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake

This cake was loved by my kids and husband. Husband thought it was one of the best I've ever made.

Kitty is loved by so many little girls that I know I will probably have to make a few more in the days to come.

TIP: Make sure you get enough cake boards of all sizes as I tend to forget them and then squeezing a cake on a board that is too small.

Lightning McQeen Car Cake

The Car Cake was the most challenging cake I've ever made.

I was concerned that I will not be able to carve out the shape perfectly. Once that was done, I feared covering the cake with the fondant. But, I've realized that you should only focus on one step at a time. I'm planning a full tutorial on the car cake. I'm just waiting for the next Lighting McQueen cake order so I can record it step for step.

It was really fun making this cake, although it took me around 5 hours to complete. Take into consideration the time the cake is in the fridge with the butter cream to chill.

Spiderman Cake

Making a cake with a flat fondant figure is not new to me, but Spiderman was a challenge, mainly because of the lines across his body. I had no idea how to do that. I was told to draw the lines in with a non-toxic fine-liner, but that just did not seem right to me, especially when I've just finished cutting it out and placing it on the cake.

The impossible happened. While I was drawing in the curves for the jaw of the Spiderman, I realised that I can draw these lines with a toothpick. It came out perfect with just deep lines instead of black lines.

NOTE: When you do the lines, make sure you do it after you've placed the image on the cake and not before because when you lift up the body-parts with the lines, they tend to tear on the lines.

The eyes were painted with white food coloring and the web made with a fondant tool.

Dora Cake

Do not think that a flat cake is easy!

Looks can be deceiving. If you do not have spacers when you roll-out the fondant, then you will have problems.


The first thing you need to do is to print a template of the picture you are going to use. Look for something that are easy to cut-out (you will thank me later for this tip). Print the template and trace the image onto baking sheets. Cut out each part that will be a different colour.

Now this is why you need to use spacers. If you roll out the fondant in different thickness, the parts will not fit together nicely and one piece might be higher than another. So, make sure you find spacers. The little plastic rollers normally come with spacers on the side that is removable.

Cupcakes Party

This was easy and lots of fun! I had to make 50 cupcakes for a 50th birthday party. Theme was white and red!

The most hilarious about this is that we did not have a cake stand so my hubby created his own out of cardboard boxes. It looked great.

I just basically covered it with butter cream using a butter cream tool. All the little gadgets on top was made with fondant, at least a week in advance to make sure it was hard enough to stand up straight.

I found cupcakes to be the easiest and quickest to do. You can create wonderful things with cupcakes. Another idea is to replace the cupcake holder by baking directly into ice-cream cones. The cupcake can then be decorated with icing twirling up. Looking just like an ice-cream.

Topsy Turvy

Probably the most scary cake I've done as my client told me that it was for a party that will be attended by 60 people. Goodness, the pressure she put me under. No matter how good you become in making 3D cakes, you will always criticize your own work and be concerned about what the client thinks.

The biggest challenge with this cake was stacking the cakes on-top of each other, I will also add a tutorial about this soon. To sum it up. You will need kebab sticks and small cake boards, the same size as the bottom of the middle and top cake.

WARNING: If you do not stack it correctly you will sit with a cake that will sink into each-other because it is very heavy.

First Character Cake - Noddy

When the lady told me she wanted Noddy, I thought it will be very easy. I have to admit, it was not.

Being a perfectionist, I wanted Noddy to look perfect. Exactly like Noddy. I wish I kept my first attempt. It looked like Noddy was pretending to be father xmas because he was so fat. My son actually warned me, saying: "Mom, Noddy is not that fat, is he?" Well, I ate Noddy and started over.

Word of advise: Do not eat every mistake, it will land up on your hips...

Now my second attempt was fantastic, Noddy looked perfect.

First Wedding Cake

Boy, oh Boy! I was so afraid doing this cake. A girl only gets married once and she would really like to have a nice cake. I can't afford making a mistake, but I thought I'm going to take the challenge and push myself to the limits.

The cake was very basic. Just covered with fondant and fresh flowers (most out of my garden).  I think the most difficult part was "How do I get the flowers on the cake without the flower actually touching the cake and stay fresh.

Battery Cake

PS: The birthday boy loved the cake and ate the little figurine with one big gulp. I was kind of upset as it took me so long to make it.

Fondant Bunny on Cake

This was the very first cake I made. There is nothing on the inside, just a dummy cake covered with fondant and little figurines made out of Fondant.

The main idea here was to learn how to cover a cake with fondant, play around making figurines with the fondant and actually stack the two tiers on top of each other.

This project was easy and is not something that I'm proud of. You will see later why I make that statement. Making 3D cakes are just like writing. The more you write, the better you become. It is the same with decorating. You just become better and better.

 Keep following my blog and I will tell you:

How to cover a cake with fondant.
How to stack cakes.
How to make figurines.

Creating Cakes - Fabulous Addiction

You might wonder why I've chosen a heading like this.

Well, that is exactly what I've become. I've recently started making 3D cakes for a hobby, now it is a full blown business. Business is only a month old, but I eat, drink, sleep 3D cakes. I just love decorating and planning every single cake order. Do not get me wrong. Baking is not my strong point - I stick with a recipe that works and tries to find better ways in baking cakes faster, better and tastier.

Now, I know nothing about decorating cakes, but I've learned as I went along. Believe me, trial and error out perform the old fashion courses that you take. They can give you tips, but they can't give you an imagination or an answer for every thing that can go wrong. Every cake order I receive is a CHALLENGE!

The idea for this blog is to help other Mommies/Ladies and yes Men learn out of my mistakes. I hope you find my blog interesting and return to it often. Please share your thoughts with me. I would love to hear from you!